Color Consultation

Color Consultation

Color selection can be a daunting task. Let Superior Painting take some of the load off of your shoulders when it comes to brainstorming color selection. 

When deciding on perfect color spectrums  and proper placement  of colors for your project we take into consideration many variables.

First we take into consideration permanent fixtures surrounding the project. For example, on the exterior you would take into consideration your shingle color, your brick color or stone color, even the color of your window frames and light fixtures, and other items that are considered permanent. You would want colors that compliment these permanent fixtures. On the interior you would take into consideration flooring, cabinetry, countertops, light and fan fixtures, etc.

Second to take into consideration would be non permanent fixtures. On the exterior this could be decorations, landscaping, Yard furniture, ect. And on the interior your non permanent fixtures to consider could be curtains, furniture, wall hangings like pictures, decorations, ect.

Lastly, also least to consider, would be temporary fixtures. This is basically your seasonal decorations. As you probably don't purchase new decorations every holiday, the decorations you do have are used annually time and time again. So if your Christmas lights are going to completely clash with your paint scheme chosen you might consider changing up your Christmas lights or consider a different color selection. Same with all your other holiday decor. It's not too important but it is something to keep in mind. 

When you hire Superior Painting to paint your project keep in mind the color selection does not raise or lower price, however the amount of colors on your project will. 

We provide free color consultations for clients who hire us to complete their projects.

 We also provide color consultations, for a nominal fee, for do-it-yourselfers that are up to the challenge of completing their own paint project but want a little bit of professional opinion when it comes to color selection.

"Color Rocks" - Mike C.

"There's never ever been a better color ever!" - Aaron H.

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