Interior Painting

Interior Painting In Black Forest, CO

Protecting Your Furniture

We will move your furniture and belongings as needed to perform the work on your home properly. We will cover your furniture and belongings so they will remain unaffected from the painting project! When we are finished we will return your furniture and belongings to their desired locations!

Floor & Fixture Protection

We will protect your flooring from any project related debris as well as protect from our simple foot traffic. If extra protection is required, to ensure a comfortable ease of mind, we will make sure that it is taken care of. We tape off fixtures relative to areas being worked on; windows, lights, cabinets, plumbing, HVAC, outlet covers, etc. As well, we tape off trim and walls not being painted to ensure no accidental paint on surfaces to be left alone.


Once belongings, furniture, fixtures and flooring are completely protected we begin the prep work. We vacuum and wipe down all areas we will be addressing. Applying caulk and putty we fill any holes or cracks to make sure we've  perfected the substrate to allow for proper paint application. We will use primer on dark colors to guarantee coverage. We will also prime any fresh texture that might have been install during the prepping stage. 


We will apply the product whichever way makes the most sense for your project. Sometimes spraying will be the best choice and sometimes painting by hand is the best choice. It depends on your specific situation. However, all paint that will be applied will receive two coats of paint.


Cleaning up our tracks is a major priority of ours. We strive to get your home to the way it was prior to our performance, with the exception of the great new environment created by the excellent selection and placement of colors. We will also assist you in the placement of your furniture to best fit your desired layout. 

Satisfaction Walk

After completion we will schedule a Quality Satisfaction Walk where together we will diligently inspect for flaws or mistakes that would prevent your 100% satisfaction. We aim to have zero issues to address at these walks. If issues do arise they will be marked, noted onto a punch-list, and fixed.  You will not receive a final invoice until you are 100% satisfied!