Pick Your Own Hours

Want to Set Your Own Schedule?

Maybe You Attend School? Or Have Another Job? Need a Painting Job That Allows You to Work When You Are Available?

Starting a Painting Business?

Maybe You Are a Painter That is Getting Your Start Running a Company? Need Work When You Are Slow, or In Between Jobs?

Just Not A Full Timer?

Maybe You Just Don't Want to Obligate Your Schedule to a Full Time Position, Although You Work Hard When You do Work.


Set Your Own Hours

How It Works

Would you like to set your own schedule and work when you have the availability? Apply with us as a "Set Yours Own Hours" employee. You will be a over the table actual employee with a W2, whom will be covered by our worker's comp. policy. Yet, not obligated to work a full time 40 hour week. 

Set your own hours and work at your convenience without having to insure your self, deal with the mind straining burden of calculating and paying taxes, find work, or any other burdens of running a company. 

You will be considered a part-time employee. To keep your position as a "Set Your Own Hours" employee you will have to work a minimum of 10 hours per week, and no more than 39 hours worked per week.  If you cannot show up on the hours you ask for and are assigned it will be marked as an absence. Only 3 absences are allowed before we no longer provide you with work. 

Hours requested have to be turned in no later than 5:00pm MST on Friday afternoon prior to the week the hours are requested for. Your approved schedule will be assigned to you no later than Saturday at 5:00pm MST prior to the week assigned. If hours are not requested by Friday at 5:00pm MST, you will be given 1 absence of 3 allowed before termination.

All hours request may or may not be allowed, depending on work flow. The hours you request are only time frames of your availability. You will receive no less then 10 hours requested and no more than 39 hours requested. When in a slow season, full time employees have priority to work over "Set Your Own Hours" employees.

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Fill out an application and take the assessment test below. A minimum of 2 years in the painting industry is required to qualify for a "Set Your Own Hours" position. Your basic hand tools, a vehicle and driver's license are also a requirement for this position.

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